Recovering after Todays Drop

Today the market gave us a wild roller-coaster to ride on. We started the day with some news and headlines that push the market down before lunchtime even had the chance to come around. Near the start of the day, losses came close to about 2% until we hit a support and held our place … Continue reading Recovering after Todays Drop


Preparing for Alaska Air Earnings Release

Alaska Air Group (NYSE: ALK) is forecasting earning of $2.28 Billion this next quarter which has many investors feeling optimistic. Last quarter the had forcasted $1.87 Billion and were just over by a hair and the last 3 quarter prior to were all also above the forecasted amount. This shows that the airline is growing … Continue reading Preparing for Alaska Air Earnings Release

Earning 77% Gains when UPS Stock Dropped 3.19%!

United Postal Service (NYSE: UPS) currently has one of the largest fleets in the world when it comes to Cargo Aircraft with over 200 active aircraft flying to this day. They are an incredibly large company that has shown consecutive growth year over year. One of the great things about the UPS stock is that … Continue reading Earning 77% Gains when UPS Stock Dropped 3.19%!

Stop waiting for others. 

When I first started my journey into entrepreneurship I started like many young and excited individuals who first join a network marketing company excited and nervous. I cling onto my up line for support and basically just hope that they decide to do a lot of the work for me and grow my business naturally … Continue reading Stop waiting for others. 

Stocks, Options and FOREX Oh My!

Back in the year 2016 I experienced something that I have never felt before, Burnout. At the time of working in restaurants I was working in a fine dining venue that required immense amount of physical and mental strength on a daily basis to perform the job. I joined the company excited and motivated to … Continue reading Stocks, Options and FOREX Oh My!