The Kodiak was Designed for Adventure

The Kodiak is unique in its design and offers perks to ensure that your flight is not only comfortable and most importantly safe. Are you in the mood for something a little more rugged with a classy side? Maybe you are thinking about doing some exploring on some dirt or grass runways in the country … Continue reading The Kodiak was Designed for Adventure


Going Back to the Heart of Aviation

A Vision It all started with a crazy vision of being able to soar with the birds. We once would look up into the sky and see our winged friends glide through the wind with a sense of grace and majesty. They would inspire us to explore beyond the oceans horizon as they would fly … Continue reading Going Back to the Heart of Aviation

Etiquette of Attending Aviation Conferences

You walk up to the front desk where you probably have to check in and get a name tag that blandly states your name and probably the organization you are associated with. You do not really know where to start and just the pressure of all the faces is numbing and almost paralyzing leaving you … Continue reading Etiquette of Attending Aviation Conferences