Delta 3rd Quarter Earnings Release

The start of earnings season kicks off this year with Delta Airlines leading the way. With a watch list of close to 30 stocks that we watch here I am excited to talk about Delta a bit today as they are a name and brand that we all recognize. Often times we feel more comfortable … Continue reading Delta 3rd Quarter Earnings Release


China cancels Farm Visits

With Federal Reserve interest rates cuts, Crude oil tensions in the middle east and continuation of U.S. and China Trade talks all playing some part in the same week. Quite honestly it left me feeling a bit overwhelmed as I was fighting to determine which would play a larger role. Which news story would shift … Continue reading China cancels Farm Visits

Did We Drop Down Too Fast?

The start of the week was rough for airlines and aviation companies across the board. We saw a lot of sharp price action in the pre-market session early morning on Monday after the news of an Oil Refinery in the middle east being attacked. The attacked on the Saudi Oil refinery damaged about 50% of … Continue reading Did We Drop Down Too Fast?

Maintaining Altitude in the Market

After a rough start of the quarter where we saw airlines dropping fast across the board we are finally seeing some stability hold strong at the price range that the market has been currently trading within. This week we are going to be moving fast as we have a lot of companies to cover. The … Continue reading Maintaining Altitude in the Market

Trading the Opening Bell

As the morning kicks off we notice many mixed emotions in the market. Early morning Pre-Market reports shows stocks pushing to new highs an to higher levels in the morning. Various news articles can be seen in various publication website signaling a strong morning to start the day. Many investors stood by to see the … Continue reading Trading the Opening Bell

Solar-Powered Drones Take to the Sky

We have a major issue to solve with the aviation industry as a whole. The environmental impact of aviation can be seen from all aspects from engine emissions during flight to water way and noise pollution near airports. The need for more environmentally conscious aviation practices is desperately in need. Airplanes emit an array of … Continue reading Solar-Powered Drones Take to the Sky

Curtiss-Wright Corp (CW) Down 9% Last Week

News We saw a strong week of retracement for the Curtiss-Wright Corporation all last week after they released earning reports on Tuesday. Their earning per share of $1.90 beats by $0.15. Although in contract the total revenue projections were missed by $39.85 million. The price experienced incredibly growth over the first quarter of this year … Continue reading Curtiss-Wright Corp (CW) Down 9% Last Week

The Tweet that Saved the A-380, for now.

We held the suspense long enough the while many believed that the Airbus A-380 could potentially see the end of its short lived life, we see Emirates Airline casually announce they have placed an order for 14 new A380's after talking about simply remodeling a few of their older models. They do a great … Continue reading The Tweet that Saved the A-380, for now.