Stop waiting for others. 

When I first started my journey into entrepreneurship I started like many young and excited individuals who first join a network marketing company excited and nervous. I cling onto my up line for support and basically just hope that they decide to do a lot of the work for me and grow my business naturally … Continue reading Stop waiting for others. 


The Current Reality

It's Christmas Eve 2018 and there are kids playing in the yards as they are on winter break. The stores are swarming with families buying last minute food and toys for the night before the stores all close. Stores start to close down early for the night trying to wrap up any last minute sales. … Continue reading The Current Reality

Take the first shot!

Eyes locked, you start to feel the sweat drip out your pores. You notice a sudden increase in the speed at which your heart is beating against the cage of your ribs. Suddenly each second feels like a thousand years as your mind is racing at unmeasurable speeds. Unsure of how the next second will … Continue reading Take the first shot!