How The New Schedule Will Look For 2019!

Hey everyone how is it going there! Hope you have had a great start of the year with the first few weeks already wrapping up I personally can say I am just now finally getting back into my routines. I was not consistent with my morning routines. I would hit it great maybe 3 or … Continue reading How The New Schedule Will Look For 2019!


The Current Reality

It's Christmas Eve 2018 and there are kids playing in the yards as they are on winter break. The stores are swarming with families buying last minute food and toys for the night before the stores all close. Stores start to close down early for the night trying to wrap up any last minute sales. … Continue reading The Current Reality

Stocks, Options and FOREX Oh My!

Back in the year 2016 I experienced something that I have never felt before, Burnout. At the time of working in restaurants I was working in a fine dining venue that required immense amount of physical and mental strength on a daily basis to perform the job. I joined the company excited and motivated to … Continue reading Stocks, Options and FOREX Oh My!